“We’ll Fix It In Post”

Just had the experience of dealing with the “we’ll fix it in post” mentality. It’s the belief that one’s lack of planning can be deferred onto people later in the chain of something being created. In film, you have the writer who comes up with the story and writes the screenplay. Then the producer hires …

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Canvas Theory

The canvas theory (or “Canvas Strategy”) is a concept Ryan Holiday wrote about in his book Ego is the Enemy. The concept is simple: when you want to work with someone, offer to hold a canvas for them to paint on. You can take that as face value, but it tends to limit you to …

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Frustration around traffic – or anything else in life that is out of your control – stems from the difference between your expectations and reality. The higher your expectations of your commute being smooth and traffic free, the more frustrated you will get when it doesn’t work out that way. The longer your commute, the …

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After nearly a decade of tweaking my diet, I feel like I’ve finally found an eating plan that will help me maintain a desired weight. Over the last year or so I managed to pack on a few extra pounds, and went looking for a solution. One thing that has been a little difficult for …

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Something People Want To Buy

I was chatting with another student in this course that I’m taking and she’d asked for some feedback on her website. At first glance, the site seemed purpose-built to attract a very specific demographic. The font, the color scheme, and the images all told me that her clients are middle-aged women. But then, she said …

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Business Procedures

Over the last ten years I was the CEO of a small (read: two-man) production company called Telekinesis Entertainment. I left that position at the end of 2017 to go back to freelancing on my own. During those 10 years I had this running note in Evernote that I would periodically update, which kept track …

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When Gary V. Talks, You Listen

This week I was able to attend the inaugural Entrepreneur Simplified Entrecon at Utah Valley University. For a first run, it was pretty well put together, and I thoroughly enjoyed most of it.

Better than that, there were two HUGE opportunites. First, Alan (my business partner) and I got awarded scholarships to ES’s retreat next week, a $3500 value. We get to go for free, so that’s pretty exciting. I know a number of people that have gone through it and said it was lifechanging, so I’m excited to see how it goes.

The other one? You guessed it: I got to meet one of my favorite people that I’ve followed over the last few years, Gary Vaynerchuk.

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Christopher Clark on Directing

Last night I attended the monthly Creative Collaborative meetup here in Provo UT, featuring one of my favorite humans Chris Clark.

Chris is a theater director, as well as a producer, writer, and actor. His remarks were very poignant and I wanted to share a few takeaways.

What was amazing was how universal his points were. Rather than specific technical ways to become a better theater director, they came across more as universal truths.

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When talking about success in an artistic field like filmmaking or music, I usually tell people that I believe that talent accounts for about 20% of success.

The other 80%? Doing the work. 

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