What Is Your Business For?

Sure, you create art, or make a product, or provide a service. But why? Your business is just a system. It’s an entity that exists to allow you to make the change on the world that you seek to make. There’s likely a deeper reason than “because I like to make music”. Why? Why do …

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One Thing

I was revisiting my notes and comments on Gary Keller and Jay Papasan’s book The One Thing this weekend. One thing stood out (see what I did there?) – how easy it is to forget things that we read, or the notes we take, or the ideas we have. If we don’t capture the notes …

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This week my wife and kids were out of town for a cousin’s wedding. This left me with the choice to be a lazy ass, a workaholic, or somewhere in between. I chose the workaholic route. While I normally spend about 60 hours a week at the office, in the last week I’ve spent over 90. I was able to finally work on some projects I haven’t had time for, and start thinking about future projects as well. But something happened this week, something amazing.

I realized that I was doing it all wrong.