Yesses & Nos

It’s true that every time you say yes to something you’re saying no to everything else. What’s more important than what you say yes to at the moment, at least initially, is the reason why you’re saying yes. You have to know your “north star”, the big goal, the one thing, the ultimate end that …

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2017 Year In Review

I want to make this a more official, annual post, so here it goes. 2017 was an interesting year, to say the least, and that interesting-ness spread into every aspect of my world – political, financial, career, physical, etc.

I want to make sure that I remember all the good things rather than focus on just the bad parts of the year, with the hope of increasing the good and reducing the bad in my life in 2018.

This year I turned 34, which seemed – for whatever reason – a bigger deal than both 33 and 30, the two previous benchmarks for emotionally charged birthdays.

Here’s some of the great stuff that happened this year:

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Savings Rate

Every once and a while, if you’re lucky, you stumble across something or someone that takes a belief you have, confronts it, and forces you to change.

Yesterday, that happened to me.

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