Can The Distribution Model Work For Films?

One of my favorite new discoveries has been the daily newsletter. The idea of adding a daily email to my life is huge, as I’m pretty protective of my email, but after just two days of trying it out, I was hooked. Here are a few things I feel could be applied to film distribution: Continue reading Can The Distribution Model Work For Films?


A few weeks ago I attended the American Film Market for the second year in a row.

It’s an annual film market where Sales Agents are selling the films they represent to foreign distributors and buyers.

Producers, like myself, will often attend to try and meet with these Sales Agents and find one to represent their films, but it’s also a great place to learn as they have great conferences and workshops centered around every aspect of the filmmaking process.

Here are my notes from the week. Hoping something is useful as you go out to make your own films in the future. To see last years notes, check out this post. Continue reading NOTES & TAKEAWAYS FROM AFM 2015