CEOs Getting Soda

A new web series where I dive into what drives entrepreneurs and founders, the principles they used to get to where they are, and what it is they’re really after.

Coming January 2018…hopefully 😉

Zion Politics

In January 2017, following the inauguration of President Trump, we started Zion Politics, which I produce and co-write. You can find us all over the internet @ZionPolitics.


Daily Mormon

I started a Daily Email for members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (or anyone who would want to study The Book of Mormon more…) to build a list of people who might ultimately be interested in the book I’m working on. So yes, that’s a daily email AND a book. Actually it’s probably two books, but I don’t want to get ahead of myself…

You can sign up for the email list for free here at Daily Mormon



If that weren’t enough (but it is, though, right???) I started a semi-frequent audio experiment through Anchor where I am doing short audio versions of blog posts and other random thoughts on entrepreneurship, business, film/filmmaking, religion, politics…yeah basically a lifestyle podcast. Is that a thing yet?

You can subscribe all over the place: Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Overcastor on, with probably more services coming online shortly. Subscribe on your favorite platform and please share with your friends!


Past Projects:

Some of the things I’ve done in the past…


Back in 2013 I had the idea to write a book about sound for film, partly because the book I wanted didn’t exist, but also to prove that I could do it.

What resulted was the Indie Film Sound Guide, a 125 page e-book that you can get on LeanPub (pay what you want) or Amazon, if you prefer the kindle version.

It’s for people interested in film sound, but also for directors and producers who want to broaden their knowledge and skill set and get a deeper understanding of how sound contributes to what makes movies great.



Over the years as we’ve tried to get screenplays financed and produced, and between commercial shoots for our clients at Telekinesis Media, we sometimes need a creative outlet, and youtube shorts have been that for us. Some of my favorite pieces we’ve done live on our channel – here’s three below – but you can check out more at