The Difference: Good vs. Bad Sound

One of the most basic, yet fundamental questions I ever get asked as a sound engineer, whether talking about live or recorded sound, is:

What makes sound GOOD?

This will be a longer post, going deeper into the different aspects of live and recorded sound, and what makes it good or bad.



Whether you’re recording audio or amplifying sound for a live performance, the quality of the sound is one of the first things an audience will notice if it’s bad. If your intent is to grow an audience or a fan base, or have audience members come back again, you can’t have bad sound. It’s within this context that we’re covering these following topics, specifically, the qualities of good sound and how to overcome the problems that cause bad sound.

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My Advice For College Students

So you want to be a recording engineer/live sound engineer/filmmaker/screenwriter, and you’re going to college to figure out what you want to do. The typical questions you ask someone like me are: “How did you get started?” “What classes did you take?” “How much does a degree matter?” “What advice to you have for me?” …

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