How Much Work Do You Need?

Do you know how much work you need to stay afloat? To pay the bills? To be profitable!? It’s a pretty simple equation but man, it took me like 5 years in business until I finally realized how simple it was.  Oh, and then I’ve forgotten it many times.  Here’s the simple equation to work …

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When talking about success in an artistic field like filmmaking or music, I usually tell people that I believe that talent accounts for about 20% of success.

The other 80%? Doing the work. 

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Savings Rate

Every once and a while, if you’re lucky, you stumble across something or someone that takes a belief you have, confronts it, and forces you to change.

Yesterday, that happened to me.

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What People Remember

I guess I’ll call this a post on networking.

Think back to the last time you went to an event, convention, luncheon, etc. Try and remember the most important conversation you had or the speaker that spoke.

Now, try and remember every single thing that they said.

…I’ll wait. 

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One Week In

I’ve successfully completed a full week (this post makes 8 days) worth of the #100DayChallenge. I started last Saturday and wanted to share a few thoughts from this first week. 

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Light Up Democracy

After the inauguration happened on January 20th, many of us–myself included–felt a combination of “oh man” and “what do I do now?”

The latter emotion took over and by the next week, we had uploaded the first episode of a new web-series we call Zion Politics.

It’s a weekly political show that mixes the topics of what’s going on in politics with the doctrinal teachings of the Mormon Church.

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Follow Through

We’ve got a buddy that’s incredible at coming up with great ideas.

If ideas were what mattered, the guy would be a millionaire many times over by now.

You can see what’s coming, right?

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