Turn It Off

Last weekend I found myself constantly glued to my phone screen, refreshing facebook and the pages app to help spread the newest video we had released on Friday afternoon for Zion Politics.

It was horrible. I couldn’t put down the phone. I was up late, I was checking it at church, and was distracted from being a present husband and Dad.

So, this week, I turned it off.

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When It Happens To You

Our charter school is going through some investigation with the state school board. It’s been interesting to watch it play out, but it made me think about how people reach in different situations.  It’s really easy to sit in the bleachers or the sidelines and talk about how you’d handle a situation, and how your …

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PTA Questions

Last night I went to my first FSO, or PTA meeting. Apparently, they have these meetings about once a month, and the only reason I went now is because the director of our school was just unanimously asked to resign last week by the school board. So, thought I’d go and get some answers.

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Christopher Clark on Directing

Last night I attended the monthly Creative Collaborative meetup here in Provo UT, featuring one of my favorite humans Chris Clark.

Chris is a theater director, as well as a producer, writer, and actor. His remarks were very poignant and I wanted to share a few takeaways.

What was amazing was how universal his points were. Rather than specific technical ways to become a better theater director, they came across more as universal truths.

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How Much Work Do You Need?

Do you know how much work you need to stay afloat? To pay the bills? To be profitable!? It’s a pretty simple equation but man, it took me like 5 years in business until I finally realized how simple it was.  Oh, and then I’ve forgotten it many times.  Here’s the simple equation to work …

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When talking about success in an artistic field like filmmaking or music, I usually tell people that I believe that talent accounts for about 20% of success.

The other 80%? Doing the work. 

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